Tinytag Explorer Overlays

When using multiple data loggers at the same time, or the same unit over an extended period, it is quite often desirable to view all the data recorded on the same graph.

Tinytag Explorer allows users to combine data from multiple loggers so comparisons can be made between different units in different locations, or to see the effect of one property - for example, temperature - on another - for example, relative humidity.

Data can also be combined from recording runs made by the same logger to produce a contiguous trace (this can be useful, for example, when a logger is offloaded weekly and an auditor wishes to view data for the last month).

To combine traces, simply open the files required and go to View and Create New Overlay.

Tinytag Explorer will list the traces available and you can then copy or move them into a new graph (copying files makes a duplicate of the source traces in a new graph whilst leaving the original traces open, moving the traces will create a new graph and close the existing traces).

When you have combined your data into a new file, you can change line colours, axis positions, and scale the graph by right clicking on it and selecting Graph Properties.

Apart from making the comparison of data easier, overlays are a useful way of keeping associated data together (all of the information associated with each individual trace is retained and can be separated out of a data set at a later date if required).

Also, overlays make exporting data sets easier as a complete set of data can be exported in on go, rather than having to export traces individually and then combine them.

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