Using Tinytag Data Loggers for People Counting

Chambers Electronics is a specialist designer and manufacturer of outdoor and indoor people counting and visitor monitoring solutions.

For many years, they have incorporated Tinytag standalone and radio data loggers into their counters to provide a solution for a range of applications:

Chambers Electronics data logging counting systems

These applications include:

  • Weatherproof outdoor people counters
  • Indoor people counters for museums, libraries, sport centres, banks, etc.
  • Bicycle and car counters for trails, paths and car parks
  • Bespoke counters for specific applications

Chambers Electronics' counters, with data logging capability, record date/time count information. Data can be easily downloaded to a PC via a USB cable and viewed in Tinytag Explorer software. Data provides usage count data related to hour, day, month, etc., and information from multiple counters can be downloaded into a single file for easy comparison between entrances/sites.

Some counters can be fitted as part of a wireless system using Tinytag Radio data loggers. Wireless connectivity is recommended in situations where manually downloading information is undesirable, where real-time data is required or needs to be accessed remotely over a LAN.

If you require a count monitoring solution, please visit the Chambers Electronics website or email to discuss your application and for pricing.

For information on Tinytag count data loggers which can be connected to third party sensors to record properties such as footfall, pressure and flow rates, view our count and pulse data loggers range. Tinytag voltage and current OEM data loggers are also available to provide solutions for specialist applications.

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