Sharing Tinytag Data

Data recorded by Tinytag data loggers can easily be shared with other people in several different ways.

Tinytag Explorer

The best way to share data with other people is for them to also have a copy of the Tinytag Explorer software. Tinytag Explorer is supplied on a site license and can be installed on as many computers at a site as required.

If data is saved in the default .ttd file format it can be viewed in Tinytag Explorer in a number of different ways. Data is presented in a graph by default and it can also be viewed as a table of readings or in a number of different summary views. Users can also combine data from multiple loggers into the same graph and easily analyse sections of data that are of interest.

If the data being shared is only going to be looked at once, people who do not have a copy of Tinytag Explorer can download the demonstration copy of the software for temporary use.

Exporting Data

If the person you are sharing data with doesn't have access to Tinytag Explorer, data can be exported in different file formats or copied and pasted directly into other programs - such as Microsoft Excel or Word - and then shared.

The graph view can be exported as an image which can be pasted into a Word document, or similar, for use in reports and publications that can then be shared.

Information displayed in any of Tinytag Explorer's tabular views (the Table of Readings, Information and Daily Min/Max views) can be exported in part or as a whole. The tabular views behave in a similar way to a spreadsheet allowing you to select only the data you wish to export. Using copy and paste, data can be exported directly from these views into third-party applications and then shared.

Data can also be exported in different file formats by going to File and Export (the different types of save format include .xls, .xml, .txt, and .csv).

For further information on how to export data from Tinytag Explorer, please see the Exporting Data section of the Tinytag Explorer Help file.


Free pdf printing software, such as PDF995, can be downloaded from a number of websites allowing users to print graphs and tabular views as pdf documents that can then be easily shared with colleagues.

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