We're on the road to carbon neutrality

Gemini Data Loggers is reducing in-house carbon emissions and offsetting our carbon footprint in the fight to protect our environment.

Our world is changing around us. Extreme weather events are becoming more common and the rate at which the oceans are warming is accelerating. Reports show that human activity is the predominant cause of these changes, and that decisive action is needed right now to mitigate the worsening effects of climate change.

At Gemini Data Loggers, we know that we have a responsibility towards the environment as a manufacturer and producer of carbon emissions. Since 2010, our Environmental Management System has been certified to ISO 14001 standards. We have been working hard for the last decade to maintain this standard by reducing waste throughout the company, re-using our resources where practical and committing to protecting the environment. This year, we are also introducing biodegradable packaging for shipping our products to help reduce our impact on plastic waste.

But we know that, as a manufacturer, there is more that we can do.

That's why we have set out to reduce our in-house carbon emissions further this fiscal year and implement a paperless sales office.

As part of our ongoing commitment to combat the accelerated pace of climate change, we are striving to lower our carbon emissions across our business operation wherever possible. This includes setting up a carbon management plan to identify where and how we can reduce our emissions, as well as fostering environmental awareness across our company and encouraging our staff to make conscious decisions about the environment.

Where our emissions cannot reasonably be reduced, we are offsetting our carbon footprint by investing in sustainability projects that help to protect our environment. We have sponsored a global portfolio of programmes that support access to renewable energy in developing countries and avoid deforestation in some of our world's most precious woodlands and rainforests.

Our Tinytag data loggers themselves support a vast number of projects that make a positive difference to the environment and help to combat the adverse effects of climate change. Tinytags are often used to help improve energy efficiency , and many of our data loggers are used across the world to support biodiversity projects and provide habitats for endangered species .

We want to do all that we can to protect our planet - and our future. Visit our applications page to find out more about how Tinytags are used in the fight against climate change.

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