Continuing Our Environmental Commitment in 2024 and Beyond

At Gemini Data Loggers, we are constantly evolving and adapting our commitment to the environment, which includes our Environmental Management System.

What is our environmental commitment?

As a manufacturer and producer of carbon emissions, we understand the urgency of the climate crisis and our responsibility towards the environment. We take continuous action, year after year, to reduce our in-house carbon emissions and make environmentally conscious business decisions. This includes a company-wide carbon management plan, fostering environmental awareness across the company, and offsetting our carbon footprint by investing in sustainability projects.

How have we met our environmental targets in the past?

For over a decade, our Environmental Management System (EMS) - part of our Business Management System (BMS) - has been certified to UKAS-accredited ISO 14001 standards. Since 2010, we have maintained the great standard of our EMS with regular surveillance audits and NQA re-certification audits every three years. Our most recent re-certification audit was successfully passed in June 2022 with no Non-Conformances (NCs) or Opportunities for Improvement (OFI).

2024 and beyond: Gemini Data Loggers' commitment to the environment

We strive to continuously evolve, adapt and expand our environmental commitment. Alongside our ongoing environmental strategies, we have joined the UPS Carbon Neutral and Carbon Offset program. In this program, on behalf of Gemini Data Loggers, UPS "mitigated 2.29 metric tons of CO2e during the period October 2023 - December 2023."

How do Tinytag data loggers fit into our environmental commitment?

Tinytags support a vast number of environmental and climate change research projects established by our customers all over the world. See below our case studies featuring Tinytags for monitoring conditions in building and environmental projects:

Browse our Environmental Applications page to read more case studies where Tinytags are used in environmental projects.

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