Gemini Data Loggers: Our ongoing environmental commitment

As a manufacturer and producer of carbon emissions, we understand that we have a responsibility to continuously make environmentally-conscious business decisions, including working to reduce and offset our emissions.

Gemini Data Loggers strives to provide products and services that are cost-effective, robust and reliable. To help achieve this, we maintain a Business Management System (BMS) which includes our Quality and Environmental Systems. Our Environmental Management System has been certified to UKAS-accredited ISO 14001 standards since 2010. We have continued to work hard for more than a decade to maintain this standard, with regular surveillance audits in addition to re-certification audits every three years. We are pleased that we successfully passed our latest NQA re-certification audit for ISO 14001:2015 (and ISO 9001:2015) in June 2022 with no Non-Conformances (NCs) or Opportunities for Improvement (OFI).

As part of our ongoing commitment to the environment, we are continuing to lower our carbon emissions across our business operations wherever possible. This includes following a carbon management plan to target areas where we can reduce our emissions, as well as fostering environmental awareness across our company and encouraging our colleagues to make conscious decisions about the environment. Where our emissions cannot reasonably be reduced, we are offsetting our carbon footprint by investing in sustainability projects that help to protect our environment.

We are also a proud sponsor of the project to rebuild the AECB's Low Energy Buildings Database into an international platform for sustainable building knowledge. The database is unique in detailing the whole construction process for buildings and retrofits, making it an invaluable resource for those looking to replicate sustainable building practices.

Tinytag data loggers support a vast number of projects that make a positive difference to the environment and help to combat the adverse effects of climate change. From sustainable building design and testing to monitoring the conditions of wildlife habitats, Tinytags have contributed to numerous research and practical projects.

In the field of sustainable buildings, temperature and relative humidity Tinytag data loggers have been used for Post-Occupancy Evaluations and testing energy efficiency. Design-focused architectural practice Mark Stephens Architects used a Tinytag Ultra 2 temperature and relative humidity data logger to evaluate the post-occupancy performance of a new-built house designed to Passive House calculations, with data revealing how the building performed over time and how it compared with occupant self-assessments.

Tinytag Plus 2 temperature and relative humidity data loggers were also used by a team of architects to test the efficiency of building design at cooling indoor temperatures in the Children's Eco Village in Mkuranga, Tanzania. Two loggers were placed in the test build, two in a control house, and one outside to track outdoor conditions to compare with indoor data. Data revealed both positive outcomes and problems with the test design, leading to the adaptation and improvement of the building design.

At Gemini Data Loggers, we want to do all that we can to protect our planet - and our future. Visit our Environmental applications page to find out more about how Tinytags are used in environmental projects and the fight against climate change, including:

  • Submersible Tinytag Aquatic 2 data loggers monitor the meteorological effects on freshwater macroinvertebrates over time. Read more +
  • Various Tinytags were used across South West Water's wastewater sampling operation to ensure compliance with Environment Agency regulations. Read more +
  • Temperature data loggers have been used to investigate the effects of climate warming on cold-adapted organisms in Antarctica. Read more +
  • Underwater Tinytags have been used to understand how local biodiversity is threatened by human activity and rising seawater temperatures. Read more +

We also saw an influx in sales of the Tinytag Energy Logger in 2022, with the loggers contributing to a variety of energy efficiency projects. Energy data loggers can be a useful tool in energy consumption monitoring, especially considering rising energy costs and the increasing adoption of green business practices. This includes helping to identify opportunities for energy savings and evaluating the performance of improvement measures in line with ESOS, ISO 50001, and other energy management requirements.

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