New: Transit 2 data logger with grey case

Gemini Data Loggers launch new version of popular Tinytag Transit 2

The Tinytag Transit 2 data logger is a very popular and cost-effective monitoring device suitable for a range of applications including building temperature monitoring and temperature during transportation. It measures temperature from -40 to +70°C using a built-in sensor, and is tested to BS EN 12830:1999 for frozen and chilled foods logistics.

The logger is now available in an unobtrusive grey case as an alternative to the existing yellow. The Transit 2 has a slim line design and the grey case option will make it suitable for applications where it needs to be located discreetly.

Data can be downloaded from the Transit 2 via a USB cable. Alternatively for offloading multiple units, it is very quick and easy to use with the ACS-3030 inductive pad: simply place it on the pad to offload data etc.

A multipack of five Transit 2 temperature loggers is available with either grey or yellow cases, effectively offering five units for the price of four.

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