Tinytag Radio System

Improved Tinytag wireless data logging systems enable not just monitoring of a production site, warehouse or cold room but also monitoring of goods on the move.

Tinytag TGRF Radio temperature data logger for industrial applications

Temperature data loggers deliver quality control benefits in an extremely competitive marketplace, where discerning customers look for high quality products. Tinytags, conventional data loggers, are ideal for cost efficient monitoring of a few locations but when numerous different areas need to be monitored, Tinytag wireless data loggers save time and money.

The Tinytag wireless data logging system allows users to collate data at one central point, rather than download each individual data logger.
It is a reliable mesh network of communications that will give your peace of mind. Each radio logger receives, stores, and transmits data to other radio loggers as well as the central receiver.

The loggers have their own local memory to avoid loss of data in case of dropped signals. The user places each logger within 200m of another and there is no limit to the amount that can be used. This self-configuring army of loggers will transmit data back to the receiver connected to a PC. If a temporary obstruction occurs, for example a forklift truck in the way, data will be sent back to the receiver via a neighbouring logger.

As well as being used in static installations, such as production sites, warehouses and cold rooms, the functionality of Tinytag wireless makes it ideal for more dynamic applications. A typical example would be refrigerated delivery vans fitted with wireless temperature loggers. The loggers store all the temperature data to the internal memory while the van is in use and then, on its return to the depot, the loggers automatically send all their data to the computer for analysis.
Data is collated using Tinytag Explorer software, which presents the information in various user friendly formats, viewable by any PC on the network.

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Automatic data collection with Tinytag Radio Data Loggers. An easy to set up, self-configuring and flexible wireless system.

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