Tinytag DI: the new, secure software for Tinytag data loggers

Ensure data integrity with Tinytag DI: secure software for Tinytag data loggers – out now!

Gemini Data Loggers is pleased to announce the release of our latest software for use with Tinytag data loggers: Tinytag DI.

Tinytag DI is the secure data logging software that enables organisations to monitor securely and maintain data integrity with the help of Tinytag data loggers.

With a range of secure monitoring features, Tinytag DI is a valuable tool for any organisation looking to implement improved data security controls across their monitoring applications. With Tinytag DI, organisations can:

  • Lock data loggers to their data logging system

  • Control user access to the system

  • Set user functionality

  • Manage user access to data loggers

  • Review recorded activity in the system (audit logs)

  • Improve compliance with industry regulations

Compatible with most Tinytag data loggers, users can benefit from monitoring with the vast range of Tinytag data loggers, including USB, Radio and LAN data loggers. Existing users of Tinytag products will not need to invest in new hardware.

Aiding compliance with data integrity regulations

Tinytag DI has been designed to help organisations comply with regulations surrounding data governance and data integrity in controlled environments.

The closed system, audit logs and controlled user functionality will assist users in compliance with regulations such as MHRA Data Integrity guidance, FDA 21CFR Part 11 and BS EN 12830.

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