Tinytag Data Loggers

New Tinytag Plus 2 and Tinytag Ultra 2 temperature and humidity data loggers.

External Thermistor Probe data logger, Tinytag Plus 2

It's not everyday that you hear of a product that's been upgraded and yet there's nothing extra to pay.

The resolution has been enhanced from 8 bits up to an impressive 16 bits which gives much smoother graphs making the analysis far more accurate.

Download time is faster too with the average file taking just a couple of minutes. Another new feature, which is a real bonus, is the low battery warning.

During launches, the software checks the battery's level of the logger and warns you when it needs to be replaced. These impressive improvements will also benefit new customers of Gemini Data Loggers.

Tinytag Plus 2 is totally waterproof and can be used in submerged environments. It's very robust so is ideal for the food industry, agriculture, composting and logistics.

Tinytag Ultra 2 is the less industrial counter-part but is still splash-proof and lends itself perfectly for monitoring the environment in museums and galleries or even for use in laboratories and the healthcare market.

Both models are competitively priced so why not take advantage of all the new built-in benefits from Gemini Data Loggers and help your business improve its efficiency and effectiveness.

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