Tinytag Talk 2 Logger

New Tinytag Talk 2 - an improved version of the Tinytalk range of temperature, humidity and voltage data loggers.

35mm film canister data logger, Tinytag Talk 2

Gemini Data Loggers has launched its best ever Tinytalk - the Tinytag Talk 2, an improved version of the successful Tinytalk range of temperature, humidity and voltage data loggers, in reaction to an increasingly demanding market place.

Tinytag Talk 2 increases overall accuracy by incorporating improved measurement electronics and increasing the resolution from 8 bits up to an impressive 16 bits. This gives much smoother graph readouts from the Tinytag Explorer software. Reading capacity is also increased from 2,000 to 16,000 readings, enabling longer logger deployment or faster logging intervals.

Tinytag Talk 2 is compact, lightweight and competitively priced. Like the original Tinytalk from the early 90s, Tinytag Talk 2 is housed in the popular 35 mm film canister, providing dust and spray water protection (IP54). A new 0-20mA logger is also added to the range.

In addition, more robust firmware monitors battery condition and provides improved data integrity.

All these benefits are now available at no additional cost, so why not take advantage of the new and improved benefits of the Tinytag Talk 2 from Gemini Data Loggers.

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