New Tinytag Transit 2 Multipack

New: Transit 2 logger five-pack; and inductive pad software pack

Our new multipack of five Transit 2 temperature loggers is now available, effectively offering five units for the price of four. We have also launched a new inductive pad and software pack.

New Tinytag Transit 2 TG-4080-X5 multipack, 5 pack of yellow TG-4080 data loggers

The Transit 2 logger is a popular and cost-effective solution for temperature monitoring typically for goods in transit and storage. It monitors from -40 to +70°C and is tested to BS EN 12830:1999 for frozen and chilled foods logistics. A pack of five Transit 2 loggers is now available at discounted price, making it an even more cost-effective choice for customers requiring multiple units.

The Transit 2 is very quick and easy to use with the ACS-3030 inductive pad: simply place it on the pad to offload data etc. This makes the pad ideal for offloading multiple units. For new customers, an inductive pad and software pack containing the pad and the Tinytag Explorer software is now available.

View multipack of five Transit 2 temperature loggers

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Transit 2 multi pack >

Get five of these loggers for the price of four.

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Tinytag Inductive Pad >

The Inductive Pad allows easy offloading of multiple Transit loggers. The software pack is ideal for new customers.

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