Monitoring Vaccine Transport in Zambia

Temperature loggers provide essential monitoring for vaccine transport in rural Zambia - read our new case study.

Temperature monitoring is essential to ensure that vaccines and pharmaceuticals are stored and transported safely, to ensure they are effective at the point of administration.

Vaccine monitoring in Zambia Tinytag Talk 2 data loggers

Camillo Lamanna, a UK-based doctor, is a co-founder of Tessellate, which is running a pilot Project in rural Zambia to increase efficiency in the supply chain, therefore increasing immunization rates and reducing stock wastage. Gemini Data Loggers supplied 21 Tinytag Talk 2 loggers, to record the vaccine temperatures during the journey to the Rural Health Centres, the temperatures in the vaccine fridges, and those on the outreach immunisation days.

Read the full case study: Temperature data loggers are used to monitor vaccine transport and storage in southern Zambia.

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