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Tinytag Explorer Software

  • Set up loggers and present recorded data
  • Works with all Tinytags
  • Versatile and easy to use
  • Copy/export data into popular packages: eg. MS Excel; Word
  • Site Licence allows multiple users at same location
Compatible with Windows 7, 8, 8.1 and 10 (x86 & x64 versions)
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About Tinytag Explorer

Tinytag Explorer is the Windows program used to configure Tinytag loggers and view recorded data. During set up, logger names, logging intervals and alarm settings can easily be chosen. Recorded data can be shown as a graph, table of readings or summary information.


Using Tinytag Explorer

Tinytag Explorer is used to configure Tinytag loggers and view recorded data

With Tinytag Explorer the data logger's settings can be configured to meet particular requirements using a simple step by step process. Information is initially presented as a graph, with clear navigation features for zooming and scrolling through data. Axes can be rescaled, notes added and unwanted data masked using a 'top and tail feature'. Alarm warnings are shown if readings fall outside user-defined limits.

Data is also available as a table of readings, summary information view, and daily minimum/maximum view. Data can easily be exported or copied and pasted into popular office packages. Information from multiple logging runs or multiple loggers can be combined into the same graph or table using the comprehensive overlay features.

Tinytag Explorer Connect Software is an enhanced version of the software - provides advanced functionality and features. It is used with Ultra Radio, Plus Radio and Plus LAN loggers which send data from multiple monitoring points for remote access by any permitted user on a network. A viewing pane presents a global view of the system where multiple devices can be configured and downloaded simultaneously.


  • Quick to get started, straightforward set up
  • Linked graph, readings and information views
  • Combine data from multiple loggers/runs
  • Bulk Offload Tool: offload/restart multiple loggers
  • Supports Txt, CSV, Excel, and XML export formats
  • Includes comprehensive illustrated help file

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