How do I check my data logger's battery status?

Different types of data logger have different low battery warnings. Some loggers display or indicate low battery status, while other loggers must be checked in Tinytag Explorer.

For information on the different types of batteries our loggers use, please see our article on data logger battery types.

USB data loggers

Ultra 2, Plus 2, Talk 2, Transit 2, CO2, Aquatic 2 and Splash 2 data loggers

Most USB connection data loggers do not have a low battery warning on the logger.

Tinytag Explorer will display a low battery warning if an attempt to start a data logger with a low battery is made. If the battery is very low, the software will prevent the user from starting the logger so that data is not lost.

The battery status of a data logger can be checked at any time by performing a Current Reading in Tinytag Explorer. Simply click on the Current Readings icon in Tinytag Explorer to display battery status information.

Please note: A red LED on the logger, if present, is not a low battery indicator.

View 2 and Hand-Held data loggers

In addition to the low battery warning in Tinytag Explorer (as described above), Tinytag View 2 and Tinytag Hand-Held data loggers have a low battery indication on the left-hand side of their display.

An indicator will appear next to the battery symbol on the logger's front label when the battery starts to get low.

Battery status for Tinytag View 2 and Tinytag Hand-Held data loggers can also be viewed at any time by performing a Current Reading in Tinytag Explorer, as described above.

Tinytag Radio & LAN data loggers

Low batteries in Radio and LAN (Ethernet) products show as a flashing red LED on the device* and as a flashing low battery icon in the Tinytag Explorer Connect software.

The battery status of a Radio or LAN logger can also be viewed in Tinytag Explorer Connect by hovering your cursor over a logger's entry in the navigation page.

*A flashing red LED on a Radio or LAN can also indicate other states - please see our article on what the LEDs on a data logger indicate or refer to the relevant product data sheet for further details.

Tinytag Energy Logger

Tinytag Energy loggers show a low battery message on their display.

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