Transporting data loggers with lithium batteries

Most Tinytags are powered by lithium batteries ('lithium metal cells') which have regulations restricting their transportation by ground or air due to the hazardous nature of lithium. This article contains guidelines on how to correctly ship Tinytags.

Shipments containing four or fewer data loggers

Provided there are no more than four data loggers contained per package (each logger containing one lithium metal cell) then the package may be transported freely anywhere in the world by ground or air.

Please note, however:

  • This only applies to data loggers with cells fitted (not spare cells or service kits).
  • The data loggers and the cells in them must be free from damage.
  • All cells inside the data loggers must meet the requirements in the UN Manual of Tests and Criteria, Part III, Subsection 38.3 (attached above).
  • All cells must contain less than 1g of lithium.

All cells supplied by Gemini Data Loggers meet these requirements. Customers are responsible for checking the compliance of any cells not supplied by Gemini Data Loggers.

Tinytag Radio data loggers

Many replacement lithium 'c' cells (the battery used by some Tinytag Radio loggers) contain more than 1g of lithium.

When returning any lithium cell powered Radio loggers to us they must be sent without their cells because of their lithium content.

Shipments containing more than four data loggers

The UN 3091 lithium warning label. A red and white border encircles an image of different types of batteries, rendered in black.

When transporting more than four data loggers (each containing one lithium metal cell) by ground or air the following additional shipping instructions must be adhered to*.

  • Pack loggers in strong, rigid outer packaging to protect them from damage (e.g. a ridged cardboard box).
  • Attach a Lithium Mark (attached above) to the package. (Please note, this label must be printed in black and red as shown in the link. The minimum size is 120 x 110mm, and the telephone number of someone knowledgeable about the shipment must be added.)

* Shipping instructions given here are general guidelines. Some carriers may have additional requirements (e.g. declaring the hazard on the Consignment Note as partially regulated lithium metal batteries in equipment UN3091/P.I. 970 Section II). Customers are responsible for checking their local regulations and any carrier specific requirements.

UN 38.3 Test Summary

Please note that all batteries that Gemini Data Loggers supplies have been tested in accordance with sub-section 38.3 of the UN Manual of Tests and Criteria. The UN 38.3 test summary for all lithium batteries supplied by Gemini Data Loggers is attached to this page (above).

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