How to return your Tinytag data logger for calibration

To return your Tinytag data logger for calibration, simply fill out the product returns booking form and package your logger(s) appropriately. This includes ensuring that all items are clean, disinfected, and free from potentially hazardous contamination; items not conforming to this condition will be rejected and returned to sender.

Book your Tinytag Service Calibration

To book your Tinytag Service Calibration, please fill out our Product Returns form.

Under 'Type of Return', select 'Service Calibration'.

Once you have filled out your details, click 'Next'. You will be able to enter details about your calibration including the serial number of each logger to be calibrated and whether you would like standard or custom calibration points. Selecting custom points will allow you to input your own calibration points.

For more information about calibration points, please see our article on how to choose custom calibration points.

Packaging and returning your data logger

Once you have submitted your order, you will receive an email confirmation with details on where to send your returns to and a label (including Lithium Mark) to attach to your shipment.

Most Tinytag data loggers use lithium-cell batteries. To ship Tinytags with lithium-cell batteries, you must adhere to restrictions surrounding the transportation of lithium.

The list of data loggers which use lithium-cell batteries can be found in the UN38.3 Test Summary attached to this page (below).

For further instructions on how to ship data loggers with lithium batteries, please see our article on transporting data loggers with lithium batteries.

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