How can I share data from my Tinytag DI logger with a non-DI user?

Data can be shared from Tinytag DI by exporting the data to a third-party program, such as Microsoft Excel or Word, either by saving it in a supported file format or by using copy and paste.

To share data with someone who is not a registered user in your Tinytag DI system, we recommend that you export your data to a third-party program. Data can be copied and pasted directly into third-party applications, or it can be saved in a supported file format.

Copy and Pasting data

Data displayed in any of the tabular views (Table of Readings, Information and Daily Min/Max) can be copied and pasted directly into third-party applications.

Simply select the data that you wish to export from a tabular view and use copy and paste to transfer it to a different application.

Saving data in a different file format

The different types of save format supported by Tinytag DI include .xlsx, .xml, .txt and .csv. The graph view can also be exported as an image for use in reports and publications.

To save your data in a different file format, go to File and click Export, then select the file format you would like to save your data in.