How do I return a DI-enabled data logger for calibration (Tinytag DI)?

Data loggers that are part of a Tinytag DI system can be returned for calibration using our product returns form. We recommend that users disable DI features on a data logger and download any data left on the logger before returning it to us.

Tinytag data loggers can be returned to Gemini Data Loggers using our product returns booking form.

We recommend that data integrity features are disabled before a data logger is returned to Gemini Data Loggers. This helps to ensure that your Tinytag DI system remains secure by recording that the data logger has left your closed system.

If data integrity features remain enabled on a data logger when it returns for calibration, this feature will be disabled during the calibration process and your data logger will return to you with data integrity features disabled.

We also advise that users download and save any data that remains on the data logger before it is returned for calibration. Any data that is left on a data logger prior to calibration will be lost during the calibration process.

For more information on returning data loggers for calibration, please see our article on how to return your Tinytag data logger for calibration.