How to clean a relative humidity sensor

Contamination can build up on relative humidity sensors over time, reducing their accuracy. This article offers advice on how to clean the RH sensors of Tinytag Ultra 2, Talk 2, Plus 2 and View 2 relative humidity data loggers to keep your readings accurate.

Please note: The advice in this article only applies to Tinytag Talk 2, Plus 2, View 2 and Ultra 2 USB-connection data loggers only.

Build up of residue on a data logger's relative humidity sensor can affect the accuracy of its readings.

If your data logger's relative humidity sensor requires cleaning, please follow the instructions below.

1. Stop the data logger from recording in your Tinytag software, then remove its battery.

2. Using a can of compressed air, blow away any dust or dirt that has built up on the sensor.

3. Flush the sensor in deionised water.

4. Leave the data logger in a warm place to dry completely overnight or dry the humidity sensor with compressed air. Once it is dry, refit the battery and begin logging again.