My CO2 data logger is reading 0ppm

The Tinytag CO2 data logger will record 0ppm if it is not powered correctly. This article contains advice on how to ensure that your CO2 data logger is able to take readings.

If your Tinytag CO2 data logger is reading 0ppm, check that it is connected to the mains using the power supply provided with the logger.

Please note: The Tinytag CO2 data logger is fitted with a back-up battery that ensures that the data logger continues to record if the unit's power supply is interrupted. This battery does not power the CO2 sensor. Without power to the CO2 sensor, the data logger will only record readings of 0ppm.

Tinytag CO2 data loggers can also be powered by an alternative power supply. For the specification of the power supply required, please see our article on power supply requirements for the Tinytag CO2 data logger or your data logger's data sheet.

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