Data logger battery life

Advice on expected battery life.

For information on how to check a data logger's battery status, please see: Checking Battery Status

For information on the different types of batteries our loggers use, please see: Data Logger Battery Types

USB Connection Data Loggers

The battery life of most types of USB connection data loggers; Talk 2, Ultra 2, Plus 2, Aquatic 2 and Splash 2, is typically two to three years (the exception being View 2 data loggers, which because of their display have an expected battery life of 15 to 18 months).

Radio Data Loggers

Tinytag Plus and Ultra Radio data loggers have a typical 12 month battery life and can be mains powered if required.

LAN Data Loggers

Tinytag Plus LAN data loggers are Power over Ethernet (PoE) devices and are supplied with the injector that powers them. If power to the logger is disrupted, it has back-up batteries that will keep the unit recording for up to a year.

Energy Data Loggers

If monitoring mains voltage, the logger will be powered from the mains, but will switch over to back-up batteries if the power supply fails. If running solely from batteries, when recording current only*, the logger will record for up to 60days.

*The logger can still be run from the mains when recording current only, if required.

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