Problems connecting to my data logger

Tinytag Explorer will automatically detect data loggers when they are started or downloaded.

If the software cannot see a data logger, it will return the following error message:

Failed to connect to a data logger. Please check the connection and battery and try again.

If you see this message, and your data logger has a good battery, you should check that you are running the latest version of the software (if you believe you need a new battery for your data logger, details of the service kits we supply can be found here: Tinytag Service Kits).

The current version of Tinytag Explorer is version 5.2 and if you are not running this you can upgrade to this free of charge.

If after upgrading you still cannot connect to your data logger, check the automatic com port detection is turned on by going to Options and Communication Options and ensuring the Use Fully Automatic Com Port Detection option has been selected.

If this does not work it is likely the device drivers for your USB cable or pad have not installed correctly. Instructions on how to install the drivers manually can be found here: Manually installing drivers for USB cables and pads

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