‘This logger contains no data’: Tinytag Software Error Message

The error message 'This logger contains no data' will occur if a data logger has recorded no data. Most often, this is due to the data logger's configuration. Advice on how to troubleshoot this problem can be found in this article.

If you see the error message 'This logger contains no data' when downloading data from your data logger in your Tinytag software, this is likely due to how the data logger's settings were configured prior to launching the logger.

To check the settings on your data logger, connect your data logger to a computer running Tinytag Explorer, Tinytag Explorer Connect or Tinytag DI and follow the instructions below:

1. In your software, go to Logger and Launch.
2. Expand the Start Options section:

1. Check whether the Wait until trigger event box has been selected; if it is selected, deselect it.

2. Check whether a Delay start time has been set and has not yet been met; if this is the case, clear the delayed start time.

3. After clearing the above settings, close the Start Options section. You should see that the data logger is now set to Start Immediately.

Another reason that a data logger may not have recorded data is if the logging interval has not been met. Expand the Logging interval section in the Launch menu and check whether the logging interval has been met (e.g. if a data logger has been set to record every three days, there will be no data on it if the logger is downloaded on day two). Leave the settings as they are or amend them to a more appropriate logging interval.

We advise that a test run should be completed to ensure that the data logger is working correctly. Once you have applied the changes outlined above and confirmed that the data logger is set to 'start immediately', click Launch to begin the logger recording and leave it to record for a period of time. After the data logger has been left to run for some time, perform a data offload to check that the data logger has recorded correctly.

If you are still experiencing problems after you have followed the steps in this article, please contact us or contact your local supplier for assistance.

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