Working with multiple data loggers at the same time

With Tinytag Explorer's Bulk Logger Tool, you can launch, stop, offload and check current readings for multiple data loggers concurrently.

Tinytag Explorer's Bulk Logger Tool allows multiple data loggers to be started, stopped, offloaded or checked with a current reading feature at the same time.

Data loggers can be connected to a computer by using a single USB cable/pad and plugging data loggers in one after another, or multiple data loggers can be connected at the same time using multiple USB cables/pads that are plugged into the computer directly or via a USB hub.

The tool will automatically detect a logger when it is plugged in and perform the requested operation. When the progress bar reaches 100%, the logger can be safely disconnected and the next one plugged in.

For instructions on how to use the Bulk Logger Tool, please refer to the application note attached to this page (above).



The Launch feature allows you to start a set of data loggers recording.

You will be prompted to configure the first data logger plugged in and those settings will then be applied to all subsequent data loggers of the same type. If different types of logger are being configured, you will be prompted to configure the first one of each type.


The Stop action allows you to stop a batch of data loggers recording.

Get Data

The Get Data feature offloads data from multiple loggers concurrently. The data will automatically be saved as a .ttd file to a directory of your choice. Data can also be saved in a different file format (.txt, .csv, .xml or .xls) at the same time, allowing you to export data in bulk without having to resave it in Tinytag Explorer.

Current Readings

The Current Readings option allows you to see what multiple loggers are currently reading.

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