Tinytag Plus Radio and Ultra Radio data loggers

Tinytag Radio: Wireless Environmental Monitoring

  • Easy to set up: ideal for large sites and applications
  • Remote data access with wireless connectivity
  • Excellent data integrity
  • Temperature, RH, count, low current and voltage
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About the radio system

The Tinytag Radio System automatically gathers data using wireless communications and is ideal for use in premises with multiple monitoring points. It is easy to set up and use: radio loggers can be moved or added as requirements change. Data can be viewed on a PC, across a LAN, or remotely over the internet.

Tinytag Radio System Overview
Large or remote sites, smaller sites with many monitoring points
radio receiver, radio data loggers, radio gateway service and tinytag explorer software
Tinytag radio system is ready to use
dynamic transport operations with tinytag radio system
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How the system works

The system is easy to set-up: it consists of a receiver connected to a computer or LAN and a number of radio loggers which self-configure to form a robust mesh network.

Radio loggers work together to send information to the receiver. They are able to receive, log, store and transmit data. If a logger is out of range and cannot send the data directly to the receiver, it will re-route it via other loggers. If a logger has lost all connections and is unable to find a way of sending the data to the receiver, it stores it locally until communications are restored. Alarm warnings can be sent via email or SMS enabling corrective action to be initiated.

Tinytag Plus Radio loggers are weatherproof devices for use outdoors and in industrial settings. Tinytag Ultra Radio loggers are discreet units designed for indoor monitoring in areas such as offices, museums and galleries. Both types of unit can be mixed and matched within an application.

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  • Automatic data collection and viewing
  • Easy to set up and use
  • Self-configuring and flexible
  • Add or move loggers as requirements change
  • Local recording ensures data integrity
  • Remote user-definable alarm warnings

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