Viewing data from multiple radio loggers in the same graph

Information about combining and synchronising data.

Using overlays

When using the radio system, you can view readings from individual loggers in the same graph. In the Tinytag Explorer software, simply select and highlight the loggers you wish to view in the navigation pane, and use the 'Get data' option. The selected information will then appear in a graph.

Synchronising data

Tinytag Explorer can display data in relative time, and data traces can be moved relative to each other, synchronising them so that significant events (the start of a cooling curve, or the start of a test cycle, for example) can be compared.

Once in an overlay, you can continue synchronising data as follows: go to View, Time Display Format and select Relative Time. The traces will now be displayed relative to one another, with the x-axis labelled with the time since the loggers were started. To move traces relative to each other, you can enter offsets by going to the Align menu and selecting Edit Offsets.

If a particular value is of interest, you can enter this value by going to Align and Set Sync Points and you can then synchronise your data by selecting Align, Sync at Setpoint and selecting the appropriate value from the options provided (Tinytag Explorer will then synchronise the data at the first transit of the Setpoint in each recorded data set)

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