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Tinytag temperature data loggers help validate laboratory procedures

Tinytags monitor the temperature of cool boxes to help validate procedures in a primary production testing laboratory.

Recording temperature and analysing the data is essential for monitoring cool boxes to assess temperature fluctuations and to evaluate different transit methods.

Tinytag Transit 2 data loggers - TG-4080

Tinytag data loggers are being used by a specialist independent primary production testing laboratory to help validate their procedures. Sci-Tech Laboratories uses eight Tinytag Transit 2 loggers to record cool box temperatures, to help ensure that no transit temperature effect is seen, and to assess different transit methods to see which are the most temperature-stable.

Rob Harrison, Principal Consultant at RH Consultancy, recommended the Tinytags to Sci-Tech based on his experience of their quality, reputation and cost-effectiveness. Rob comments, "The Tinytag Explorer Software provides straightforward data which can be exported to other popular packages for further use if required. Tinytags do exactly what is required - they just work!"

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Monitor temperature during transportation with a Tinytag Transit 2 data logger.

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