Replacing lost Tinytag Explorer software/activation code

If you have lost your copy of Tinytag Explorer or your activation code for the software, you can follow the links in this article to request a new activation code or to download a new copy of the software.

Tinytag Explorer software

If you have lost your Tinytag Explorer software, you can download the latest version here: Tinytag Explorer download.

Tinytag Explorer activation code

If you have misplaced the activation code for a standard version of Tinytag Explorer, you can request a new one here: Tinytag Explorer activation code request form.

Please keep your activation code safe as it is your software licence key and you will be unable to use Tinytag Explorer without it. If you are downloading a new copy of Tinytag Explorer, you must register your software before activating it by filling out the form here: Tinytag Explorer registration.

If you require a replacement activation code for the Tinytag Radio or Tinytag Connect software, please contact your local supplier.

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