Monitoring environmental conditions for goods in storage and transit.

Tinytags are used during warehousing, storage and transportation of a range of goods to help ensure that environmental conditions can be measured, recorded, analysed and validated. Data logging helps achieve quality management standards and compliance with specified regulations and procedures.


Warehousing and cold stores

Tinytags monitor temperature and humidity for goods in warehouses, cold stores and retail premises. Dual channel loggers are available to monitor both product core and surrounding air temperature.

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Temperature controlled distribution/cold chain

Tinytags provide essential monitoring in warehouses, cold stores and refrigerated delivery vehicles to ensure goods are kept within specified environmental conditions throughout the cold chain.

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Food storage/distribution/cold chain

Tinytags are used to help ensure compliance with industry-wide environmental, health and safety regulations including HACCP measures throughout the food industry and the cold chain.

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Vaccine and pharmaceutical storage/transport/cold chain

Tinytags help ensure compliance with WHO recommendations that vaccines are regularly monitored and kept within a temperature range of +2 to +8°C until the point of administration.

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Transportation and storage of museum collections/artefacts

Tinytag temperature and relative humidity loggers are used in the transportation, storage and display of artefacts and sensitive items in museum collections. Probed versions are available for sealed display cases or difficult to reach areas.

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Cryogenic storage for transport (nitrogen dry vapour shippers)

Cryogenic temperature data loggers are an essential tool to monitor and validate the temperatures to which clinical samples are exposed while being transported and stored in nitrogen dry vapour flasks. The Tinytag Dry Shipper data logger is specially designed for this application and will record temperatures to -196°C.

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