Tinytag Explorer

Tinytag Explorer

Simple software, reliable results. Download, view and manage your data with Tinytag Explorer: essential software for Tinytag data loggers.

  • Everything you need to download, view and manage data loggers
  • Set alarms, logging intervals and logger names
  • Compare and combine datasets
  • Copy/export data into popular packages
  • Works with all Tinytag data loggers

What is Tinytag Explorer?

Tinytag Explorer is the easy-to-use data logging software for Tinytag data loggers. Configure your data loggers, download and view recorded data and combine and compare different datasets, all in one place.


How it works

1. During set up, logger names, logging intervals and alarm settings can easily be chosen.

2. Recorded data can be shown as a graph, table of readings or summary information.

3. Data can be exported to popular file formats: .xlsx, .xml, .csv and .txt

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Tinytag Explorer provides users with simple and versatile tools to make data logging easier than ever.


Easily set-up your data logger with the settings that matter to your application.

  • Alarms: customise alarm limits to alert when measurements fall out of range.
  • Logging interval: decide how frequently your data logger takes measurements.
  • Logging description: label your logging run and your data.


Visualise your data in easy-to-read graphs and tables.

  • Intuitively zoom and scroll through data to view specific data points.
  • Identify minimum and maximum recordings.
  • Quick-view your data logger's settings and activity statistics.


Analyse data and identify trends.

  • Graph overlay: combine and compare data from multiple loggers/ logging runs.
  • Top and tail: customise your graph to hide unwanted data.
  • Synchronise data: align multiple datasets to contrast and compare data.


Spend more time with your data and less time managing your loggers.

  • Work with multiple data loggers at the same time.
  • Launch, configure, offload and stop loggers at the same time or with the same settings.
  • Automatically save all downloaded data in the same file format.


Greater flexibility to work with your data.

  • Copy and paste data directly to another program.
  • Save your data in a supported file format (.xlsx, .xml, .csv and .txt).
  • Save graphs as images, ideal for presentations or reports.

Key benefits

  • Easy-to-use, intuitive software
  • Data export to popular file formats: .xlsx, .xml, .csv and .txt
  • Bulk logger tool: work with multiple loggers at the same time
  • Works with all Tinytag data loggers
  • Never miss a calibration with calibration reminders
  • Site licence – multiple users at the same location for one price
  • Everything you need to download, view and manage recorded data
  • Includes a comprehensive illustrated help file
  • Expert technical support (Monday to Friday 9am-5pm)

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