Tinytags are suitable for environmental monitoring in the harshest conditions.

Tinytags are used for many environmental research applications, ranging from individual loggers recording locally to multiple devices used for large-scale monitoring. Their robust, waterproof design, plus their reliability and high memory capacity means they can be deployed for long-term data collection in harsh conditions in remote areas.


Weather/climate/seasonal (Outdoor)

Tinytags are accurate, robust and waterproof, and will function reliably whatever the outdoor conditions when monitoring weather patterns, seasonal variations and climate change.

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Wildlife (Research & Conservation)

Tinytags monitor the habitats of many different creatures worldwide. The robust devices with their high memory capacity can be left to monitor with minimum human intrusion.

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Water / rivers (Submersible)

The Tinytag range includes loggers which are specifically designed to withstand completely submerged conditions in applications such as river temperature monitoring and ocean current mapping.

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