Water / rivers (Submersible)

The Tinytag range includes loggers which are specifically designed to withstand completely submerged conditions in applications such as river temperature monitoring and ocean current mapping.

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Tinytag SPE submerged passage cave research

Submersible Tinytags used in cave research

Tinytag data loggers were deployed in temperature profiling of submerged cave passages.

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Tinytag Aquatic 2 data logger underwater environmental monitoring

Tinytags support underwater scientific research projects

Submersible Aquatic 2 temperature data loggers are used in environmental research.

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ITAVI fish farm monitoring Splash 2

Tinytags monitor fish farm temperatures for antibiotic resistance research

Submersible Aquatic 2 data loggers record temperature as part of an experimental project into antibiotic resistance in farmed fish.

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Splash 2 data logger oyster research Croatia

Tinytags used in oyster development research

Tinytag data loggers are monitoring water temperature in research into oyster reproduction and development.

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Smolts in the Wye River

Tinytags used in salmon reproduction research

Submersible Tinytags are used in long term temperature monitoring of salmon spawning streams in the Wye river catchment.

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Underwater temperature data loggers deployed in arctic climate change research

Tinytag temperature data loggers were located in an Arctic glacial river basin as part of an important research project into climate change.

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Puffadder shyshark Tinytag data loggers

Submersible Tinytags help South African shark research project

Tinytag Aquatic 2 data loggers record underwater temperature as part of a project to monitor Southern African catshark reproduction.

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