Wildlife (Research & Conservation)

Tinytag data loggers monitor the habitats of many different creatures worldwide. The robust devices with their high memory capacity can be left to monitor with minimum human intrusion.

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Tinytags monitor the world’s largest chameleon’s habitat in Madagascar

The Parson’s chameleon, native to Madagascar, is facing rapid population decline. Tinytag data loggers are monitoring in situ to gather meaningful long-term data about the habitat to aid conservation efforts.

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Tinytag data loggers used to help sea turtle conservation efforts

Tinytag Plus 2 temperature data loggers have been used to investigate methods of combating the effects of climate change on sea turtle populations in the Caribbean.

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A yellow Tinytag Aquatic 2 data logger is attached to a settlement panel in a marina where a number of boats are docked.

Underwater data loggers record seawater temperatures in marine monitoring programme

Submersible Tinytag Aquatic 2 data loggers monitor seawater surface temperatures as part of a non-native species monitoring initiative.

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Tinytag data loggers monitor reptile habitats in Costa Rica

Rugged Tinytag Plus 2 data loggers have been deployed in the natural and artificial habitats of the Black-headed Bushmaster to gather data that will inform and encourage the breeding of the species.

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Temperature and RH monitoring Kent Bat Group

Tinytags monitor bat swarming sites in Kent

Temperature and relative humidity data loggers are used to monitor bat swarming sites including Dover Castle.

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Splash 2 data logger oyster research Croatia

Tinytags used in oyster development research

Tinytag data loggers are monitoring water temperature in research into oyster reproduction and development.

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Tinytag Plus 2 data loggers for birds' nest temperature research

Monitoring the temperature of shorebirds’ nests in the Arctic

Environmental researchers are using Tinytag data loggers to monitor the nesting site temperatures of various species of Arctic bird.

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Smolts in the Wye River

Tinytags used in salmon reproduction research

Submersible Tinytags are used in long term temperature monitoring of salmon spawning streams in the Wye river catchment.

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Puffadder shyshark Tinytag data loggers

Submersible Tinytags help South African shark research project

Tinytag Aquatic 2 data loggers record underwater temperature as part of a project to monitor Southern African catshark reproduction.

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Communal nest of sociable weavers in Africa

Tinytags monitor properties of sociable weavers’ nests

Robust Tinytag data loggers are monitoring temperature as part of research into sociable weavers’ nests in southern Africa.

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Tinytag data logger temperature monitoring in bat roosts

Tinytag temperature loggers monitor bat roosts

Tinytag data loggers are being used to record the temperature of bat roosts to help investigate their roosting requirements.

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Monitoring temperature as part of research into stress in wild birds

Using temperature data loggers as part of research into stress in wild birds

University Researchers are using Tinytag temperature data loggers to help calibrate thermal image recordings.

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Tinytag View data logger

Monitoring temperature and relative humidity in honeybee hives

Tinytag data loggers have been used for monitoring temperature and humidity in honeybee hives under field conditions in the UK.

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