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Warmworks Scotland uses Tinytags to deliver warmer homes Scotland Scheme

Tinytag data loggers help assess temperatures and energy usage in domestic properties as part of a fuel poverty impact evaluation study.

Warmworks Scotland is a joint venture between the Energy Saving Trust, Everwarm and Changeworks and has been formed to deliver the Scottish Government’s flagship national energy efficiency scheme, Warmer Homes Scotland.

Tinytag Ultra 2 indoor temperature data logger in domestic property

As part of Warmworks' contract with Scottish Government, they are required to complete a fuel poverty impact evaluation. This includes monitoring the energy use and temperatures of the dwellings in which they have installed measures under the Warmer Homes Scotland Scheme. This will assist both Scottish Government and Warmworks in evaluating the benefits of the measures that have been installed in the property, in addition to the improved SAP (Standard Assessment Procedure) rating and EPC (Energy Performance Certificate) scores.

To fulfil this requirement, a total of 1200 Tinytag Ultra 2 and 600 Plus 2 temperature data loggers are deployed as part of the Scheme. In each dwelling, one indoor Ultra 2 TGU-4017 logger is installed in a customer's main living room, and another in the main bedroom. A rugged TGP-4017 Plus 2 unit is mounted externally in a position such as on the garden fence. This allows readings from the data loggers inside the property to be analysed and compared against the actual outside temperature at the time. The recorded data can then be used to inform the design of subsequent fuel poverty programmes in the future.

Following a market review, Warmworks decided to use Tinytag data loggers on the basis of cost, functionality and ease of use.

Steve Betts, Commercial Manager at Warmworks, comments, "The loggers were extremely easy to set up and install. Following the monitoring period, the software provided made it very simple to download the data for analysis."

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