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The Metrology Division of Gemini Data Loggers has developed an environmental monitoring system comprising hardware – distributed measurement devices – and software components communicating with a central database.

The system architecture is modular and flexible: it can be easily configured (mixing and matching the different components) to meet specific user requirements/applications.

Typical applications might include building energy efficiency monitoring, for example testing the effectiveness of new energy saving measures such as new thermostats or insulation using a before and after trial. The system would enable the monitoring of temperature in a number of rooms and outside, as well as monitoring room occupancy and power, gas and water consumption. Data would be captured at set intervals using unobtrusive wireless devices and fed back as required to a central point for analysis.

In other examples, wireless devices could communicate Utility consumption data to the central database and provide information to consumers using a web application; or be used to monitor environmental conditions in a nationwide network of warehouses.

The architecture is built around industry standards such as SQL, supporting solutions using 3rd party or custom software and is modular, enabling hardware or software to be added or changed. It uses powerful, cost-effective ARM® microprocessors which deliver fast, accurate data with connectivity options including ethernet, wifi and GPRS. Components communicate locally or remotely over an IP backbone.

The data centric system enables users to gather data and store it as it is needed.

Based in the UK, Metrology is a Division of Gemini Data Loggers, the designers and manufacturers of the Tinytag range of data loggers.

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