Spare Input Lead


Input lead for current, millivolt and count loggers (TGPR-0804, TGPR-1001, TR-3804, TGPR-1201, TGRF-4901, TGRF-4904, TGRF-4801, TGRF-4844 and TGP-4901)

This 2-wire cable for Tinytag current, count and millivolt data loggers comes with a 1.5m cable and weighs 30g.

It is used with the following units:

TGPR-0804, TGPR-1001, TGPR-1201, TR-3804, TR-1201, TGRF-4901, TGRF-4904, TGRF-4804, TGRF-4844 and TGP-4901

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