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Tinytags used to verify readings in an automatic weather station

Tinytag temperature and relative humidity loggers are used in climatology research to record data used to verify readings of an automatic weather station.

Robust data loggers monitor environmental conditions over time to provide readings for comparison with an automatic weather station, and for submission to the Met Office and the Climatologist Observers Link.

Tinytag Plus 2 logger and Tinytag Thermohygrometer for climate observation

David King is an amateur climatologist who runs the website The aim of the website is to inform and demonstrate that you do not need technology to predict weather at least three months and in some cases six months ahead, with a reasonable (85/90% consistent) accuracy. The site is used by numerous businesses, organisations, weather amateurs and professionals, as well as the national press.

David's methods are a combination of using the phases of the moon with ancient, reliable moon weather data; the tides; nature's signs, birds, animals, flora and fauna; some 5000 sayings and much local data going back 40 years. This combines into a tried and tested methodology to produce weather patterns/predictions months before they occur. David aims to demonstrate that while modern technology is invaluable for short term forecasting (day to day weather), no computer system will be able to replicate or predict what nature can tell us.

David is using a Tinytag Plus 2 data logger and a Tinytag Thermohygrometer to record temperature and relative humidity. Both loggers are contained with a standard Stevenson Screen and are used to monitor on a permanent 24 hour basis, working as a back-up to, and a verification of, all such readings taken from a DAVIS VP2 automatic weather station that is positioned elsewhere in the garden. They also provide back-up for the certified and tested sheathed Max, Min and standard thermometers also used with the same Stevenson Screen.

The data is used for daily weather submissions to the Met Office Weather Observations Website (WOW), and is submitted monthly to the Climatologist Observers Link (COL), an organisation that has been publishing monthly reports of the weather for over 40 years. The data is also referred to when special requests are made for weather data for a particular day or period (insurance companies find such specialised data vital).

David finds the Tinytags to be reliable, robust and accurate. He comments, "They are exactly what I require for my use, the battery life is excellent, they are virtually fail-safe too. I would not now be without them!"

The Royal Meteorological Society (RmetS) has purchased Tinytags and these are loaned to members for usage.

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