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Tinytag data loggers aid viticulture investigation into the growth of Riesling grapes

Tinytag Plus 2 outdoor data loggers were used to gather temperature and humidity data in the fruiting zones of Riesling grape-vines as part of a Viticulture & Oenology Masters project.

The quality of grapes used in wine production is influenced by a number of environmental factors. The topography of the land on which vines are cultivated, soil quality, levels of solar radiation, rainfall, wind and temperature and humidity all contribute to the taste of the grape and the quality of the final product: the wine.

Sam Hill (now a viticulture consultant) was an MSc student in Viticulture & Oenology at the time of using Tinytag data loggers to investigate temperature and humidity levels at the fruiting zones (the area of the vine where the grapes grow) of Riesling grape-vines.

The temperature levels which grapes are exposed to during growth can affect the levels of sugar and acidity within the berry, while humidity levels play an important role in grape development, contributing significantly to the overall quality of the fruit. Finding ways to manage these environmental factors can help viticulture experts and vineyard owners to produce the best tasting grapes for their wines.

The aim of Sam's Master's project was to assess how covering the fruiting zones of Riesling grape-vines with a polythene tent affected the temperature and relative humidity levels around the fruit. Sam deployed ten Tinytag Plus 2 TGP-4017 temperature data loggers and two Tinytag Plus 2 TGP-4500 dual-channel temperature and relative humidity data loggers in a vineyard to measure the temperature and humidity levels at the fruiting zones.

The data loggers were left in the field for the duration of the experiment to gather data. The robust, waterproof (IP68) design of the Tinytag Plus 2 models meant that Sam could trust the data loggers to withstand the unpredictable English weather conditions. "I have used Tinytag data loggers for many years," says Sam. "They have been invaluable for the research I perform and have given me complete reassurance that when I left them in the field for many months that the data I needed was being recorded."

The temperature and humidity data gathered by the loggers was used in Sam's MSc project and the investigation showed a promising outcome. Sam was particularly pleased with how useful Tinytag Explorer software was for report writing: "The software is excellent," cites Sam, "and I have been able to use the output from the software directly in the reports I generate. I would always recommend Tinytag data loggers to anyone in my field."

Tinytag Plus 2 data loggers can be relied on to perform in difficult outdoor and industrial environments. Robust casing, waterproofing (IP68) and extended battery-life make Tinytags a convenient, reliable choice for field-research and climate monitoring (and ensuring great-tasting wines!).

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