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Tinytag Plus 2 Data Loggers

Tinytag Plus 2 loggers are designed for measuring temperature and humidity in a variety of harsh, outdoor and industrial applications. Housed in robust, waterproof casings, they are deployed outdoors for monitoring environmental or climatic changes, growing conditions and wildlife habitats, and indoors for industrial areas or manufacturing processes. Versions are available with built in sensors and thermistor, PT100 and PT1000 probes. Please refine your search using the filter on the left of this page.

TGP-4810 Tinytag Plus 2 data logger with chauvin arnoux current clamp

Tinytag Plus 2 - TGP-4810

0.15 to 200A AC

  • Indoor
  • Industrial
  • Usb

Rugged, data logger with 0 to 200A AC current clamp


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