What is included in the Tinytag Calibration Service?

Tinytag Service Calibration includes calibration of your data logger against an instrument of known accuracy, battery replacement and a certificate confirming your data logger's accuracy at the time of measuring.

When a Tinytag data logger is sent for service calibration, readings from at least two specified points across the data logger's measurement range are cross-referenced with a meter that has been calibrated in a UKAS (United Kingdom Accreditation Service) laboratory. This means that Tinytag calibrations are traceable to National Standards.

A calibration certificate is provided at the end of the service to confirm what the logger was found to be reading. Details provided on the calibration certificate include:

  • the readings of both the data logger and the reference meter
  • the margin of error between the data logger and reference meter
  • the serial number of the data logger which was tested
  • the test method
  • the equipment used
  • the date of the calibration
  • readings from before and after adjustments have been made to a logger (where appropriate)
A number of cylindrical batteries stand upright in polystyrene packaging.

As part of the service, batteries and any seals or dessicant packs are replaced.

The calibration service for relative humidity data loggers includes an adjustment to the data logger itself, where the relative humidity sensor is adjusted to remove reading errors from the loggers. The calibration certificate will show the readings taken both before and after the adjustment is made to relative humidity loggers.

Adjustments to other data loggers are not usually made unless specified by the user or the laboratory.

We recommend that Tinytags are calibrated at least once a year to ensure that they continue to meet the specification stated on their data sheet. Data loggers used in critical or high accuracy applications may need more regular checks.

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