How do I return my Tinytag data logger for a Tinytag DI upgrade?

Tinytag Radio and LAN products and Tinytag Ultra 2 Thermocouple data loggers purchased before the release of Tinytag DI (July 2021) need to be returned to Gemini Data Loggers for a firmware update before they can be used with Tinytag DI. Information on how to do this can be found in this article.

Tinytag products can be returned to Gemini Data Loggers by completing the product returns booking form.

Under 'Type of Return', select 'Tinytag DI firmware update' and fill in your details and the details of the product(s) being returned. For full instructions on how to return your Tinytag product to Gemini Data Loggers, please see our article on returning data loggers for repair.

The Tinytag DI firmware update service is free of charge. Lead time for a Tinytag DI firmware update is [x] working days.