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Energy logger helps leading energy supplier assess customers’ power consumption

The Tinytag Energy Logger is being used to provide commercial customers with information about power consumption and key areas of energy usage.

The Energy Logger is a portable data logging device for monitoring electricity usage, to help provide information about altering energy behaviour and improving energy efficiency.

Tinytag Energy Logger for recording power usage and energy consumption

Energia is the largest independent energy supply company in Ireland, and uses the Tinytag Energy Logger to provide customers with information about key areas of their energy usage.

Energia supplies over 65,000 business customers with gas and electricity, and as an integral part of its additional services, frequently undertakes site visits to help customers identify specific areas of consumption. Information gained from this monitoring is then submitted in audit reports or presented to customers to help them make informed decisions about altering their energy behaviour.

Due to the varied nature of Energia's customer base, the Energy Loggers are installed in a wide variety of facilities from heavy industrial sites to small retail units or supermarkets. Typically the loggers are left in place for a minimum of one week and the data used to compare it to the quarter hourly metering data from the incoming meter if possible.

Energia chose the Energy Logger for a number of reasons. The unit is portable and easy to set up, and the Tinytag Explorer software is user-friendly. In addition, the CTs (current transformers) or flexible coils are easy to attach to conductors when compared to other systems. The inclusion of batteries in the system also improves its usability.

Cormac Mannion, Energy Services Manager, Energia comments: "We have found the Tinytag to be an excellent unit to use in a wide variety of facilities. It is extremely portable and easy to use and captures the relevant data that we need in order to help our customers make informed decisions concerning their energy usage."

Energia is the retail arm of the Viridian Group and one of Ireland's top 50 businesses. Energia has developed its energy expertise over recent years, enabling the company to provide competitive electricity and gas prices to over 27% of the All Ireland business sector including one third (33%) of SME's.

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