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Cambridge University Hospital uses temperature data loggers to monitor pathology samples

Tinytag temperature data loggers are used to monitor pathology samples in laboratories and during temperature-controlled transportation.

The Pathology Department at Cambridge University Hospital processes over 3.5 million pathology samples every year. To ensure that these samples are kept under the correct conditions, Tinytag Transit 2 data loggers are used to monitor environments where the samples are handled and transported.

Pathology samples, e.g. blood and urine samples, must be handled, stored and transported under the correct temperature conditions in order to ensure their integrity. If held outside of the recommended environmental conditions, samples can degrade, which can affect the accuracy of test results and the treatments that patients receive.

Cambridge University Hospital's Pathology Department serves GP surgeries and hospitals across the East of England, performing tests on pathology samples in the Department's nationally and internationally recognised laboratories. Moving the samples between the surgeries, hospitals and the laboratories requires strict temperature control at every step of the chain.

Using ten Tinytag Transit 2 data loggers, the Department monitor and record ambient temperatures in laboratories, in storage and during transportation. Monitoring temperatures for pathology samples can be complex, as each type of sample requires a different temperature range, but, using the data loggers, the Pathology Department are able to verify that temperatures consistently remain within a suitable window for most samples (between 15 and 25°C).

Continuous monitoring, as well as spot-checking, also enables them to identify 'temperature hot-spots' where there is a risk of samples being held outside of the desired range for any length of time. Owing to their slim and portable design, the loggers are easily moved around between locations to suit monitoring needs on a given day.

The Transit 2 data loggers, designed for use in logistics applications, have proved particularly useful for validating temperatures during the transportation of pathology samples. Rugged, yet compact, the data loggers can easily be added to a consignment to validate the transport environment. As a result of monitoring with the data loggers, the Department have been able to identify areas for improvement within their courier service, and have switched to exclusively using temperature-controlled vehicles for the transportation of samples. "The data loggers have allowed us to apply fact to the interpretation of temperature," explains Gareth Whyte, Pathology and Engagement Relationship Manager for Cambridge University Hospitals Trust.

The data loggers are also an important tool for the Department's successful accreditation with UKAS (United Kingdom Accreditation Service). With the data from the Tinytags, the Department are able to prove in annual audits that their temperature management is robust and conforms to the high quality standards needed for accreditation. In turn, their accreditation with UKAS helps to reassure users of the Pathology service that the Department is committed to providing an efficient, reliable and trustworthy service.

Commenting on the Department's experience with Gemini Data Loggers, Gareth says: "Whenever we have had to speak to the company, we have always received first class service." Gareth also praises the convenience of the Transit 2 data loggers: "The data loggers are robust and simple to use, ideal for 'throwing' in the back of a vehicle to monitor temperature ranges over a prolonged period of time."

Monitoring with Tinytag data loggers has helped the Pathology Department to improve temperature management across their operation and prove the quality of their service to both auditors and users. Tinytag Transit 2 data loggers are a versatile choice for laboratory and transport environments with a slim, discreet design and USB-induction technology for fast, efficient data offload.

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