Manufacturing and process

Tinytags monitor industrial process temperatures, measuring extremes of temperature, product core temperatures, or comparing both ambient and process temperatures.

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Manufacturer of metal powders uses high-temperature data loggers for process control

Makin Metal Powders use rugged Tinytag data loggers to monitor high-heat processes and maintain ambient conditions in their process laboratory.

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Tinytag data loggers used in quality testing of cell culture incubators

Baker Ruskinn uses Tinytag temperature and relative humidity data loggers for final testing and quality control of cell culture workstations.

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Tinytag data loggers monitor heat curing cycles during the production of custom made ocular prostheses

Tinytag Ultra 2 thermocouple data loggers are used to record temperature data during the heat curing of medical grade acrylic at Manchester Royal Eye Hospital.

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PPE manufacturer uses Tinytag data loggers for quality control and quality validation

Protective glove manufacturer Midas Safety use Tinytag temperature and humidity data loggers to monitor the conditions required for compliance with quality testing standards including EN 388:2016 and ASTM F2992.

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Tinytag Radio Data Logging System building monitoring for vehicle engine production

Ford Motor Company monitors engine manufacturing plants

Ford European Powertrain Operations use Tinytag Radio system to help maintain a controlled environment for vehicle engine manufacture

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Solar Team GB's trial car

Solar Team GB uses Tinytags for solar car challenge

A robust data logger provided key temperature information during trials of the Solar Team Great Britain vehicle.

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Tinytag Plus 2 TGP 4520 temperature logger with 2 external probes

Tinytags used for temperature logging on trial cone crusher

A Tinytag data logger is being used to monitor temperatures in a prototype rock crushing machine.

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Tinytags used to verify temperatures in steel corrosion testing

Tinytag data loggers are used to monitor the temperature of a waterbath to ensure correct conditions are maintained for steel corrosion testing.

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Temperature and humidity data loggers brick drying

Monitoring temperature and relative humidity during the brick production process

Tinytag data loggers are monitoring temp/RH during the critical drying phase of brick production.

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Tinytag Talk 2 data loggers monitor refrigerator temperature

Tinytag data loggers help verify refrigerator performance

Temperature data loggers are being used by a specialist manufacturer to help verify fridge specifications.

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Tinytag Aquatic 2 data logger water temperature monitoring

Data loggers monitor distillery water temperatures

Chivas Brothers use submersible Tinytag data loggers to monitor the temperatures of water supplies at their distilleries.

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Tinytag Plus 2 data loggers record temperatures of cooling chickens

Tinytags monitor cooling of chickens in processing facility

Tinytags provide temperature monitoring of the chicken production process to ensure products are cooled as quickly as possible.

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Tinytags help ensure correct relative humidity levels for quality hardwood floors

Tinytag temperature and humidity data loggers monitor hardwood floors during manufacture and installation.

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Tinytag Ultra 2 thermocouple logger used for research into lime production

Thermocouple data logger used in lime production research

A Tinytag thermocouple data logger is being used in research to record rises in temperature at different intervals in the lime production processes.

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TGU-4500 temp/rh data logger for monitoring pharmaceutical materials

Tinytags help verify storage conditions of pharmaceutical materials

Tinytag temperature and relative humidity data loggers monitor storage conditions of materials used in pharmaceutical manufacture.

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