Calibration reminders for Tinytag data loggers

Data loggers that have been calibrated by Gemini Data Loggers have a calibration date stored on them. Tinytag Explorer, Tinytag Explorer Connect and Tinytag DI will automatically issue a reminder when your data logger is due for calibration.

Tinytag Explorer, Tinytag Explorer Connect and Tinytag DI have a calibration reminder feature that will prompt a user when a data logger is due to be calibrated.

The default setting for a calibration reminder is 30 days before a data logger's previous calibration is a year old, but this can be changed in the software. The calibration reminder can also warn users that they are using a data logger that has never been calibrated.

To configure the settings for calibration reminders in your Tinytag software, go to Options and Calibration Options. From there, you will be able to:

  • Set the date for a calibration reminder
  • Turn off calibration reminders

Tinytag data loggers can be returned for a service calibration at any time, where, in addition to the calibration, the unit's batteries and any seals or desiccant packs will be replaced. We recommend that all Tinytag data loggers have their batteries changed once a year. The calibration interval should be determined by the user according to the application that the data loggers are used in; for the majority of applications, it is suitable to have loggers calibrated annually.

For more information on Gemini Data Loggers' Calibration service, please see our article on what is included in the Tinytag calibration service.

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