Data Logger Battery Types

This is a guide to the different types of batteries used in our data loggers. For more information, please see individual product data sheets.

For information on how to check a data logger's battery status, please see: Checking Battery Status

Talk 2, Ultra 2, Plus Re-Ed, Plus 2 & View 2 Data Loggers

1 x Tekcell SBAA02P ┬ŻAA 3.6V Lithium battery

Transit 2 Data Loggers

1 x Renata CR2325

Aquatic 2 Data Loggers

1 x Renata CR2450N

Splash 2 Data Loggers

Not user serviceable, return to supplier for battery replacement.

Tinytag Hand-Held, Ultra Radio & Plus LAN Data Loggers

2 x Duracell Industrial ID1500 AA (LR6) 1.5V

Tinytag Plus Radio Data Logger

2 x Duracell Industrial ID1400 C (LR14) 1.5V

Tinytag Energy Data Logger

4 x Duracell Industrial ID1500 AA (LR6) 1.5V

Tinytag CO2 Data Loggers

These are mains powered devices, but have 1 x Renata CR2325 back-up battery.

Batteries for our data loggers can be purchased in service kits which can be found here: Tinytag Service Kits

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