Using third party PT1000 probes with Tinytag loggers

Information about how to connect third party PT1000 probes to our loggers.

We supply a range of PT1000 probes for use with our loggers, but you can use your own probes if required.

The ACS-9703 datasheet provides wiring instructions for 2, 3 and 4-wire PT1000 sensors.

We recommend the use of 3-wire, class A sensors.

2-wire and 4-wire sensors can be used, but the accuracy is reduced when 2-wire sensors are used and loggers will not read the fourth wire of 4-wire sensors.

The ACS-9703 5-pin plug should be used with the following products:

Tinytag Plus 2: TGP-4204

Tinytag View 2: TV-4204

Tinytag Ultra Radio: TR-3201

Tinytag Plus Radio: TGRF-4201, TGRF-4202

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