‘This logger needs repair. Please contact your supplier’: Tinytag Software Error Message

If you see this error message, there is a problem with your data logger. This article details some fixes you can try before requesting a replacement logger.

1. Reset your data logger

First, try resetting the data logger.

Remove the data logger's battery, leave the device for five minutes, then reinsert the battery. Connect the data logger to your Tinytag software once again to see if the error message has cleared and you are able to offload data.

2. Restart your data logger in your Tinytag software

If resetting your data logger does not resolve the error message, and assuming that the data on the logger is not important*, try restarting the data logger in Tinytag Explorer, Tinytag Explorer Connect or Tinytag DI. Click Launch and confirm the data logger's configuration settings to launch and restart the data logger. The error message should no longer appear if the problem has resolved.

*Please note: Restarting your data logger will clear all of the data on your data logger, so only perform this action if the data on your logger does not need to be retained.

3. Contact your supplier

If the error message persists, or if the data on your logger is important, please contact us or contact your supplier for further assistance.

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