Tinytags monitor storage temperature for pharmaceuticals

Tinytag temperature data loggers provide essential monitoring for the storage of pharmaceuticals.

The data loggers record in fridges, ambient cabinets and freezers to ensure the correct conditions are maintained for the storage of medicines and raw materials. Data analysis can alert staff to any fluctuations outside the specified temperature range.

Stockport Pharmaceuticals is a department within the NHS responsible for manufacturing 'Specials' medicines which are unlicensed medicines for use by the NHS and GP's. It is essential that these products are stored at the correct temperature, as detailed in their specifications, and to ensure that the products have the correct expiry times.

Seven Tinytag Talk 2 temperature loggers are deployed to monitor the pharmaceuticals in fridges, ambient cabinets and freezers and are also used for temperature mapping of the areas in question.

The data recorded by the loggers is reviewed regularly, and if the temperature is out of the correct limits, stock is moved and the problem investigated.

Valerie Collins, Lead Pharmacy Technician at Stockport Pharmaceuticals comments, "We previously used mercury maximum/minimum thermometers to monitor the stock temperatures, and wanted to replace these with something with wider technical capabilities. The Tinytags allow us to record temperature fluctuations over time and analyse the data to pinpoint any problems, and we have been very pleased with the results."

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